Chap 9: The Mission

While the Gods walked through the temples of the cosmos undisturbed,
Having isolated the disease and set it upon itself,
Small dreams began to stir and unsettle the future.
But could all the rages and furies of the insignificant
Ever be more than the reflection of a star in a bug’s eye?
– Mad Erik

Chap 8: Pirates and Admirals

C exists for a reason,
That symbol from Einstein’s equation,
Thou shalt not go supraluminal it commands us.
It is a stone wall around Eden.
But we look through the cracks and wonder,
If time slows as you approach the speed of light,
Can we become immortal if we exceed it?
– Mad Erik

Chap 7: False Prophets

Some souls bow low,
And sacrifice others to their gods.
Other souls bend submissively,
Offering themselves to appease their almightys.
What will they do when confronted
By souls united in seeking freedom from an unjust god?
– Mad Erik

Chap 6: Katie Quits School

Heisenberg observes us from that tetrahedron in the southwest.
He sees our position
But is uncertain of our momentum.
In his eyes these Clustered stars are frozen,
But they should be
Circling like electrons
Seeking escape velocity

–Mad Erik

Chap 6: Katie Quits School

Dark matter is no more than an idea
Describing a physical thing.
So, where does the idea live?
Not within the physical universe,
It floats freely through the clouds of thought
Held by gravity,
And thus dwells within the fuzzy boundary that surrounds the cosmos.
– Mad Erik

Chap 5: Get Out Of My Head

Over there, Hacker Boy, the new Zeus, has gathered his stellar marbles and we are in his bag,
But what are the rules of his game?
His algorithms replace Sagittarius and Aries with the Gamemaster and Tron.
Southern stars tumble down into SearchTrees,
While Firewalls arise from the blazes in the East.

-Mad Erik

Chap 4: The Clear Light of Day

Why look for monsters in the patterns of the stars?
Surely they live among those stars themselves!
Lizardmen look to our light,
Birdmen fly in our direction,
Fishmen swim those stellar seas,
But which denizens of those deeps are more monstrous than we?
– Mad Erik