Refuge for the Khymera is now published and available on Amazon as an ebook or softcover. It was perfect timing, with the recent congressional hearings on UFOs. They were like a blast from the past, the 1950s, classic sci-fi, alien autopsies, etc. But what do you make of it all? The witnesses sounded sincere. We all know the government has secrets, so why not another Area 51? I believe the universe is full of aliens, probably around most stars. The key issue is how can they get here?

In Refuge for the Khymera I have aliens quarantining the earth with some sort of massive photonic sphere around the solar system. It intercepts all elctro-magnetic waves that contain any proof of alien life. It is a massive deep fake like what AI is now starting to do. The Khymera are able to jump through space from point A to point B, sort of like the transporter in Star Trek. But, this is what I have to do in all my books to handle the problem of FTL, faster than the speed of light, travel.

In my first series, The Fifth Prophet, I use “hyperthreads”, multidemensional DNA strands from the body of a superbeing. God? In my second series, Perturbations of the Reality Field, I use a “dark matter crystal” containing an image of a soul, which allows the pilot to cross over the Reality Field, travel through the Ideastorm, and cross back to the physical universe at another location. In my third series, Wonderball Apocalypse, we remain on earth and deal with the limits of AI.

Each of these pseudoscientific theories for FTL requires an expanded theory of reality, a new science extending Einstein and others. Believing the witnesses at the Congressional hearings would require a similar shakeup of traditional beliefs. But, that has happened before. Remember when the Earth was the center of the universe?