My Writing – The Fifth Prophet, 2nd edition

    My previous blog post explains my motivations for revising my first book, The Fifth Prophet.  The current religious chaos and violence in the world makes it more relevant than ever.  I was even bold enough to offer my “fictional” response to terrorism to several current presidential campaigns, but I received no response other than the usual automated computer replies.  Who knows, however, where ideas go once they are released into the wild.
In any case, my intended audience is more geeky-nerd than politico, and I hope that anyone brave enough to attend Dr. Bosronov’s seminar on Computational Hyperdimensional String Theory, attentive enough to understand Dr. Beseret’s lecture on Catastrophe Theory, or curious enough to consider Abu BinBob’s experiments in caustics, will also enjoy the more action packed developments in the rest of the story.
Be sure that the cover of the version you request has a “Vitruvian man” in a red flannel shirt at the bottom of the hypercube.  That is the revised edition, and it should be available any day now.