Religion in Sci-Fi

Now that I have spent the last year absorbing Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis I would have to put his writing at the top of the list for “religion in sci-fi”!  There were 900 pages edited down from over 9000 pages of Dick’s exploration of the religious experience/mental breakdown he had in 1974.  Dick never firmly concluded much, but his multiple hypotheses about the nature of reality are fascinating.  One of his theories is that reality is perceived as a field on which something beyond it, intrinsically totally undetectable, impinges.  That something is Dick’s version of God.  I found so much within this tome that resonated with me that I have decided to change the title of my current work in progress from Ride-along Cassidy And The Cosmic Cabbie to Perturbations Of The Reality Field as an homage to Dick.