Chap 17: Paradox and Avatar

What if you could travel along the spine of a fractal curve?
At each moment, you diminish in size proportionally
As does the world around you
So that you never even notice the change.
Then, at the point of no return, like Alice after eating a bite of cake,
You grasp another tendril and begin to grow larger and larger
Until you find yourself in a totally different place.
– Mad Erik

Chap 16: The Nest

An Angel watched the Devils dance
Round the fires fueled by lies
Casting shadows to blind the eyes
Making music to fan the fury
Guilt had distracted the rational from its purpose
Effort would now be wasted on trivialities
As another prison door closes.
– Mad Erik

Chap 15: One New Star

Inside, the confused screams of the latest prisoner
Are finally heard by the nearest neighbors,
Who have been awaiting fresh meat.
While Outside, the raging hopes and dreams
Splash silently into the sea of souls,
And are ignored by he who put them there … HackerBoy.
– Mad Erik

Chap 12: Holographic Neuroscience

Like the new green growth of plant life struggling toward the sun from underground darkness
Ideas sprout from seeds sown throughout the minds of the universe.
Time after time drought strangles the leaf, fire burns the stem, parasites infect the roots, life eats away at the newborn plant.
Given enough time though, and protected from its enemies, seedling stretches into sapling, sapling spreads outward and upward just as
Theories thought up in solitude collide with ideas dreamed in distant realms and evolve into forests of knowledge whose fruit might feed the multitudes.
-Mad Erik

Chap 10: Headquarters

Where does reality begin?
Where will it end?
Is it as natural as one, two, three?
But it did not take long before nothing appeared,
And then zero was preceded by negative one and negative two and negative three
Eliminating that beginning,
Regressing into a numerical past to yet another infinity.
– Mad Erik

Chap 9: The Mission

While the Gods walked through the temples of the cosmos undisturbed,
Having isolated the disease and set it upon itself,
Small dreams began to stir and unsettle the future.
But could all the rages and furies of the insignificant
Ever be more than the reflection of a star in a bug’s eye?
– Mad Erik

Chap 8: Pirates and Admirals

C exists for a reason,
That symbol from Einstein’s equation,
Thou shalt not go supraluminal it commands us.
It is a stone wall around Eden.
But we look through the cracks and wonder,
If time slows as you approach the speed of light,
Can we become immortal if we exceed it?
– Mad Erik