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Thank you to all those who entered the Goodreads giveaway contest for my latest book, Schroedinger’s Cheshire Cats.  The ten winners have been chosen and their copies should already be in the mail.
Writing sci-fi has been an amazing experience for me.  I had always been a consumer of sci-fi, but I never dreamed that being a producer of it would be so rewarding a process.  Self-publishing has allowed me to get my work out into the world, and my publisher, Authorhouse, has provided the quality tools and support to do so.  But self-marketing is not my strength.  Although a few of my friends are into sci-fi, my e-mail announcements of new books usually generate only a few polite sales beyond those hardcore fans.  I ran ads on Facebook a while ago that produced a lot of hits on my website, but no apparent sales.  This was the first giveaway I attempted, and watching the 776 entries arrive was encouraging.  I hope that the ten winners will each write an honest review and that some of the non-winners will also decide to read the book.
However, the most appreciated results of this giveaway so far were the three new ratings SCC received; one three-star and two five-star.  To have strangers connect so positively with what you are creating is what a writer needs to hear now and then.  Those stars have given new life to my efforts within the next book, Perturbations Of The Reality Field.
My next self-marketing attempt will be this August at the LI-CON2 convention on Long Island.  I’ll be behind my little card table selling all five of my titles, hoping that being present among the right audience will produce some positive results.  Stop by and say hello.

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