Religion in Sci-fi: Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a dystopian novel, at least so far, whose hero, Wade, has a rough life.  Early on we learn of his disillusionment with the world he has been born into: “That story you heard? About how we were all created by a super-powerful dude named God who lives up in the sky? Total bullshit. … We made it all up.  Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.”  On the other hand, Wade is a ‘gunter’, an egg hunter in a virtual reality world called OASIS.
Now, I’d like to suggest that there is a logical imbalance in the treatment of reality in this setup.  Virtual reality is the presentation of stimulation to the gamer, to his senses, that mimics what he could be experiencing in the ‘real world’.  It is based on algorithms, that run on computers, and which are no more than complicated streams of bits, zeroes and ones.  These are electric signals racing along circuits and through chips.
But, isn’t that eerily similar to what the believer receives from ‘the other world’, the ‘spiritual universe’?  Beliefs, ideas, and thoughts are said, by the materialists, to be no more than electro-chemical impulses racing through the brain, along neural pathways.  Scientists claim to be able to see where they are located inside the brain, but as yet, the algorithms they are part of have not been explained.
Why is ‘virtual reality’ given such a glamorous role in these stories, while ‘spiritual reality’ or thought itself, is less highly valued.  My series, which begins with Perturbations Of The Reality Field, posits a reality that blends the physical universe and the spiritual universe at the quantum level by intertwining strings.  I hope you will take a look at it.

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