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"Logic, smogic! Why are these golden hyperthreads falling only at our sites?" (pg 247)

    Hyperthreads are the energy of the future. A gift from the "Gods", falling like manna from heaven. It is more significant that they appear where they appear, than for the reader to know what they are. The nature of the hyperthreads is gradually revealed, but much of the explanation depends on material from the sequel, Time Travelers Are Schizophrenic.

"Human beings are made of elements, including carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, but these elements represent only 0.03% of the universe, and the rest of the universe consists of unknown matter, or dark matter. Since, as I said before, matter and energy are really the same thing, this dark matter is also dark energy, the energy of nothingness first predicted by Einstein." (pg 120)

It wouldn’t be until they could actually work with the hyperthreads that they could examine their atoms and molecules. Would they be organic and contain proteins, and cells? There was some concern that the hyperthreads might actually be living creatures, and that we were harming them by using them as threads. But the weaving was already well under way, and the threads turned out not to be organic. However, they would turn out to be much more interesting. They would be determined to be hybrids, part in this physical universe, and part in hyperspace, a new kind of "matter." They were physically real, but had hyperspace effects on energy. Ari and the physicists suspected that the atomic particles in the threads were vibrating at different frequencies from any we have discovered, therefore they were real enough to appear in our space, and yet still be alien. Perhaps they were dark matter? (pgs 332-333)

Abu was happy with the composition of the hyperthreads too, because he was able to argue that they must be tiny particles of dark matter. Dark matter, in astrophysics and cosmology, was the hypothetical matter making up most of the known universe. It was called dark because it didn’t emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly. Also, it was called dark because nobody really understood it. Its presence had only been observed by its gravitational effects on visible matter. Cambridge University researchers claimed it only came in clumps hundreds of light-years across, and that would imply that dark matter particles were fast moving, densely clustered, and very hot. (pgs 440-441])

    The hyperthreads allow the Family of Man to become independent of the economic powers that control the world's energy supplies. That is something that we probably all wish were possible.  It also allows me to introduce two additional technologies: space flight, and instantaneous global communication.

It sounded a bit like standard sci-fi worm hole stuff for aliens traveling through the galaxy, but Ari was not thinking along those lines. He and Vince used it to create the HVCLs. The little laser lights set off a string of vibrations in the dark matter atoms of the wrapped hyperthreads, that generated waves or particle beams towards the nearest large center of gravity, which was the center of the earth. The wrapped tube of hyperthreads could also detect those vibrations at the center of gravity, and thus receive a "message." It acted like an acoustical whispering gallery, with a dome shaped roof. A speaker far away, on the other side of the room, could be heard more clearly than one nearby, only this room was the entire earth. (pg 364)

An hour later as the craft was high in the atmosphere, the small jet engine kicked in, and a louder cheer arose as they could see the contrail. Then the craft quickly spiraled out of sight. The spectators broke up, and went off to their assigned posts. Abu and the others headed into the control building and began to monitor the computers and cameras. This stage wouldn’t take long, only about fifteen minutes, then Ari’s dark matter ion propulsion engine would take over. With the HVCLs in the cockpit, everyone in the Family could get the sense of piloting the ship into outerspace. (pg 442)

    Now that I've committed myself to these ideas, I keep searching for more scientific support for the concepts. One of the best resources recently has been Dr. Michio Kaku's book, Physics of the Impossible. Here is what he says that relates to my hyperthreads and to the cosmology in Time Travelers Are Schizophrenic.

"Dark matter, an invisible form of matter that surrounds the galaxy, might be ordinary matter floating in a parallel universe. ... just above us in the fourth dimension. Imagine two parallel sheets of paper, with someone floating on one sheet, just above the other. In the same way there is speculation that dark matter might be an ordinary galaxy hovering above us in another membrane universe. We could feel the gravity of this galaxy, since gravity can ooze its way between universes, but the other galaxy would be invisible to us because light moves underneath the galaxy. In this way, the galaxy would have gravity but would be invisible, which fits the description of dark matter. (Yet another possibility is that dark matter might consist of the next vibration of the superstring. Everything we see around us, such as atoms and light, is nothing but the lowest vibration of the superstring. Dark matter might be the next higher set of vibrations.)" [pgs 239-240 Physics of the Impossible. Michio Kaku. 2009, Anchor Books, New York. ISBN: 978-0-307-27882-1]

    There is also the element of the geometric structure of the hyperthreads, which is important. ... I will provide more links on this later. At the moment, the only realistic "thread" of an idea is that the geometry involved in the placement of the threads helps to generate the power. So ...

    Alternative energy overview from Wikipedia.

    Solar cells and solar panels explained.

    Fuel cells: This site mentions proton exchange membrane fuel cell design. It requires platinum, which is expensive.  A company, Ballard Power Systems has experimented with a catalyst enhanced with carbon silk which allows a 30% reduction in platinum usage without a reduction in performance. Now if the carbon silk were replaced by hyperthreads, I wonder what would happen?