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Cover of Singularities Of The Soul Of Stephen Xi

Bucknell Magazine, Winter 2013

The Mind and the Muse: Reviews & Criticism

Alan R. Davis Ď68

Singularities of the Soul of Stephen Xi (Authorhouse)

Since retiring as professor of computer science and mathematics at St. Johnís University, Alan Davis inhabits other worlds, worlds of his own making in the Family of Man science fiction series. In the latest volume, Singularities of the Soul of Stephen Xi, he considers the significance of creation myths and those who fall from grace. His protagonist, Stephen Xi, must follow his shattered sould through the land of the Foreverones, where humans are a minority among the Airclimbers, Roboworms, Ssstiessens and other species who present an array of physical and mental challenges for Stephen. Davis succeeds in melding the cerebral with action in a richly imagined world.