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    Gyrobikes are a blend of the gyro-stabilized Segway machines and electric bicycles.  There are cheap so that the poor can afford them.  They are better than present day bicycles because the gyro stabilization helps the rider load more cargo on board without falling over.  The hyperthread power lets the rider move those heavier loads.

"Now, everyone move back. Make some room, and a path to the door please," Vince said, like he was hosting a party. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote control. A moment later, one of the gyrobikes rolled through the door, without a rider; which they had all seen demonstrated before. This one had what looked like a large flag sticking up behind the seat.

"So you put one of the hypercloths on the back. Very pretty," said one of the people.

"Keep looking," Vince said, as he drove it around in a circle in the middle of the crowd.

Finally, one of Vince’s youngest apprentices asked, "Hey! What did you do with the battery for the electric motor?"

"You’re lookin’ at it, kid!" Vince said, hopping up and down. "The cloths give off electric power! At least enough for this small engine. Now grab some and go build me something I ain’t already made." (pgs 324-325)

    Start with the manufacturer.

    Now see what's available for the electric bikes.