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... The Fifth Prophet  

    This science fiction technology is based in fact, and not so far off. Of course, Vince Duby is the character that brings it all into reality.

Before he realized it, Vince said, "Sure, in my workshop I’ve got a solar assisted bike with a solar powered gyro computer, and an ultralite that can ..." He stopped suddenly, remembering the reactions of the few other people he had mentioned this kind of thing to. (pg 75)

... Time Travelers Are Schizophrenic  

... Weeds Of Eden  

... Singularities Of The Soul Of Stephen Xi  

... Schroedinger's Cheshire Cats   

... Perturbations Of The Reality Field   

... A Trojan Horse Inside A Paper Moon   

... The Strange Reincarnation Of Lucinda Tarne   

... Wonderball Apocalypse