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  • Ocean City, New Jersey
  • Bowling alley
  • Boardwalk
  • Shriver's salt water taffy machine

    "He lingered in front of the stained glass bordered window of Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy store and stared at the machine that was twisting a large roll of white taffy with a red stripe. The light-green paint of its heavy metal body gleamed, and the grooved, wooden rollers rotated round and round, squeezing the taffy between them. The wide end of the taffy was almost a foot in diameter while the narrow end was only a quarter inch thick, and that strand was being chopped into two inch long cylindrical pieces, which were then wrapped in wax paper twisted neatly at each end. The candy dropped into a tin box in a steadily growing pile waiting to be taken to the display cases for sale. When he found himself hypnotically counting the wrapped taffy as it fell, Russ tore himself away, purchased a small bag of chocolate flavored taffies, and dove back into the boardwalk breakers."

  • Ocean City 1921